Top Hinged Roof Window

Like the pivoting roof window, the top hinged roof window is designed for a handy installation. However, opening to 45 degrees upward provides optimum ventilation in rooms on the upper floors where it is installed. Furthermore, it can be used as an emergency exit in case of need.


This skylight has all amenities and accessories of a regular vertical window and even more, because it is possible to control the entry of light, gains or losses of heat, or still the efficiency of the ventilation. This model is too provided with a lid of aeration to let in the fresh air in a reduced way when the window is closed.


Several accessories are optional for this model, as the mosquito net, the blinds, the sun visors and the outside awnings. Finally, this window presents a construction and a quality finishing with its molded polyurethane wooden frame and its aluminum or copper cover, as well as its thin profile ordered in the roofline.

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