Skylight with Roof Access

Some skylights models, whether for flat or sloped roofs, provide access to the roof. In addition to providing lots of luminosity to the interior side, this new access outside can be used as emergency exit, an access to a balcony or to a different place depending on your needs or the architecture of your home. Whatever its purpose, it is undeniable that this additional output will bring a lot of style to your home.

Most skylights models with roof access are designed with an aluminum mounting frame, sometimes with or without thermal break. Thus, it is necessary to choose carefully the model according to the climate in which you live. It is a type of skylight that can also be installed on a frame already built, whether old or new. To ensure a maximum sealing, make sure to use an additional sealing coating around the flashing frame.

Finally, skylights with roof access are available in several standard sizes or customized and the glazing can be made of glass, acrylic or polycarbonate. However, be aware that the glass is not recommended for a flat roof.