Montreal Skylight

Low Profile Flexible light Tunnel

A light tunnel becomes an ideal solution, especially if the room is oriented to the South, since it allows to let the light in without taking up too much space.

Montreal Skylight

Mounting frame

This model allows a wide variety of choices regarding the type of installation, the size of the window or selecting a model opening or not.

Montreal Skylight


The electric opening skylight is designed to be installed on a frame built on site, with a white internal frame without maintenance and an aluminum or copper outside cover.

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There are several skylights models: mounted frame, with integrated flashing or frame, circular dome. Similarly for tubular light tunnels, this can be rigid or flexible, angled or moderated. In any case, a skylight or a light tunnel allows increasing the lighting and natural brightness of a room.

To ensure the skylight thermal efficiency, but also to prevent light dissipation and avoid condensation problems or venting, it is better to entrust the installation to certified professionals.

Indeed, a good installer will take into account the general peculiarities of the roof and home at the time of installation. In addition, he will be able to put the skylight or light tunnel up according to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. He will lay the membranes and other materials needed for the most appropriate way to ensure a durable seal.

Finally, thanks to the work of the installer, the skylight or light tunnel will be well embedded in the roof, after minimal work. So you can enjoy a more natural better lighting in all tranquility for many years.



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