Mounted Frame Pyramid

For originality, it is possible to opt for a pyramidal mounted frame skylight. The pyramid, in addition to be esthetic, it provides bright and interesting effects forms.

Thus, in addition to offering you a more natural lighting and changing the atmosphere of a room, the pyramidal skylight becomes an architectural element providing more relief to your home or business. The four sides of the pyramid reach an angle of about thirty degrees; outside the base, there are no amounts or structural beams leaving plenty of room to the glazing.

As for regular skylights, there are different models of frames. For example, vinyl mounted frame it’s a durable and waterproof frame in aluminum extrusion with a welded aluminum extrusion base frame and a PVC base frame. Thanks to vinyl, this type of frame has a thermal break, which seals the skylight and prevents heat transfer. The vinyl frames are favored for smaller skylights.

When the opening is bigger and a more durable framework is required, we shall recommend you rather a frame in aluminum extrusion with a welded base frame in aluminum extrusion, with or without thermal break.

If the thermal break is not possible, the skylight is recommended for temperate climates places or only for glazing uses, such as carports and balconies.

The pyramidal skylights are well installed on flat roofs than on those sloping. This type of product is available in several standard sizes and can sometimes be customized, for example for an installation on a frame already built, new or old. However, in this case, the glass is hardly used; we thus prefer acrylic or polycarbonate glazing that are more amenable to the pyramid shape.