Circular Domes

To give a touch of originality and modernity to your business, office or home, a circular dome as a skylight is an interesting solution. Indeed, this concept is out of the ordinary, while bringing a lot of luminosity to your inside. The circular domed skylight suit as much in the flat roofs as in those sloping.

The fiberglass frame is provided with large flashing flanges to ensure maximum sealing. It can also be modified to be adapted to a frame already built. Moreover, the fiberglass frame is doubled in order to prevent condensation.

As for the glazing, it can be simple, double or even triple. The height of the curve is six inches. Naturally, this is due to the curved shape, the circular domed glazing may be made of acrylic or polycarbonate, but different finishes are possible, such as transparent, white or bronze, which allows an adaptation with different architectural styles.

Finally, the circular domed skylights are only available in two standard sizes, four or six inches in diameter. To complete the whole, several accessories are also available to control glare and brightness.